Filtering searches for different demographic groups

Filtering searches for different demographic groups

Lux MotivBase does not allow you to filter or eliminate particular groups of people. But you can increase the priority or "boost" the results of different demographic groups.


To prioritize or "boost" results by demographics, click the "Options" icon next to the Apply button in the top right-hand corner. A dropdown menu will appear, and if you select any of the buttons, the system will recalculate the results, prioritizing the demographic categories you have chosen.

Why can't I filter and only look at comments made by certain demographics?

Lux MotivBase is a technology that studies consumer culture, where nothing is created without the interaction of different socio-demographics of people.

In such an environment, it would be inaccurate to completely isolate certain demographics. After all, Lux MotivBase's power comes not only from studying consumers who mention a specific topic, but also from studying those who mention related topics (the concept of context and associations of associations come into play here).

This is essentially what consumer culture entails.

Instead, we have implemented a prioritization option that allows our system to prioritize and boost results from a particular demographic that is pre-selected.