How do I book an analyst inquiry?

How do I book an analyst inquiry?

To book an analyst inquiry, you need to take the following steps.

1. Ask your question via MotivAI

All inquiries start with a MotivAI search. Please see the MotivAI section of the FAQ for more information.


2. Read over MotivAI’s insights

Once you’ve searched your question, look over the Insight Cards and the Zone of Innovation.

Additionally, we recommend you ask the MotivAI assistant for additional actionability insights. You may find that, after you’ve gone through this process, you feel confident in your analysis.


If you’d like to talk it through with a cultural expert…

3. Click “Schedule an Analyst Inquiry”

After analyzing your results, click “Schedule an Analyst Inquiry” to email our inquiry team. In the e-mail, we request the following info:

  1. The search you ran
  2. The reason you’re interested in this search
  3. Any questions you have about your results

4. Book the call

After you submit the call, we will reach out to book your analyst inquiry within 5 business days.