How do you determine jobs?

How do you determine jobs?

The following flowchart explains how our jobs work is done by our PhD Researchers.


NOTE: The only metric we now deliver in our jobs reports is Share of Voice.

Share of Voice = the percentage of the reviews (from the contextual pool built for the topic) that directly or indirectly connected to a Job Spec.

Share of Voice is an apples to apples measure, in the sense that every job is rated against the same contextual pool of product reviews. Which means it now gives us a strong indication of the relative importance of each job compared to the next.

Size of the data = Lux for Predictive Anthropology jobs typically requires a minimum threshold of 50,000 contextual reviews, from a minimum of 20,000 unique individuals for any analysis to be conducted. This, of course, is the minimum threshold. The average jobs report takes in data from 150,000 unique individuals and analyzes more than 300,000 product reviews within a context.