How should I choose between synonyms?

How should I choose between synonyms?

I'm trying to search for the topic but I see multiple options or what appear to be different versions of the same topic. For example, I'm trying to search for the term "probiotics," but I also see the option of searching for “taking probiotics.” How do I know which one to pick?


Remember, these aren't synonymous terms.

There's a reason why Lux MotivBase is giving you the option to search all these topics separately. It's because the consumer places each of these terms in a slightly different culture. Only by searching them will you know what culture they sit in, and which one is right for your research goals. Of course, there are also some simple tricks you can employ which our training covers extensively.

The answer

The answer to which term to use depends on your research goals and what you aim to achieve.

For instance, if you want to learn about adding "good bacteria" to one's diet, you can search for "added probiotics" and observe the cultural (topic) universe that results. Past tense topics relate to post-consumption analysis, while present tense topics relate to consumer intent and interest in probiotics. Therefore, if you want to study consumer intent and ongoing interest in probiotics, you should focus on a topic like "taking probiotics."

However, if you want to examine the overall culture of probiotics, including those who have experimented with it and those who are currently interested in it, you should search for the simple term "probiotics."

In summary, the term you use is dependent on your research goals, and the modifiers before and after a term can help further refine your searches. If you are ever unsure about the meaning of a term, simply run the search and examine the resulting cultural universe - it will provide insight into the culture that the selected topic represents.