How should I prioritize insight cards?

How should I prioritize insight cards?

Under the insight cards, each theme will be ranked in terms of our Zone of Innovation model. This model uses the cultural maturity of each insight card (i.e., the amount of consumer consensus regarding meaning around your search topic) and compares them to each other.

In particular, we recommend prioritizing insights that are closer to the Zone of Innovation.

At Lux for Predictive Anthropology, we call the span of 33% to 55% maturity the Zone of Innovation: when the ideas related to a topic have reached mainstream acceptance.


To develop the Zone of Innovation, we tracked more than 200 initiatives (and over 1000 trends and topics) that our clients put into market over the course of almost two years. The initiatives we tracked included new product and brand launches, renovations, campaigns, and even investments and acquisitions.

Over the course of the benchmarking exercise we determined that any initiatives that were launched when the culture had crossed 33% on the maturity curve achieved mainstream relevancy very quickly.

In comparison, those that were launched too early in the Early Consensus stage took longer to achieve mainstream relevancy and were subjected to greater scrutiny and possible disruption along their journey.

To learn more about the types of initiatives you can launch in various stages of maturity and how best to “time the market” read this article.

The same was true of initiatives launched beyond 55% in maturity. In the case of such initiatives, we found the marketplace was already too mature for net new products and any launches ended up competing for space with its competitors based on attributes such as branding, marketing, access, price, and other similar downstream levers.