What does class mean in Mexico?

Remember that in Mexico we can only analyze data from the middle classes and above.

  • Poor or near poor Farmers, workers remunerated in kind, recipients of government aid. Secondary or primary levels of education. Struggling to make ends meet (limited space, many can only afford to buy basic and necessary food).
  • Lower middle class - Salaried workers in factories, or working in informal trade. Secondary or high school level of education. Share land and housing with others.
  • Middle class - Salaried workers in the service industry, education, local government etc. High school or university level of education. Living in rented apartments/ houses and can afford a car. Domestic travel.
  • Upper middle class - Enterprising professionals, doctors, lawyers, etc. Highly educated (BA level). Can afford houses on land of more than 300 square meters and own at least one car. Travel internationally.
  • Rich - Aspirational billionaires and millionaires with additional sources of income beyond their salary. Highly educated, with degrees from foreign universities. Travel internationally.