What is a MotivAI theme profile?

By clicking on the profile button, MotivAI will write a consumer profile based on each theme.


After a few minutes of processing, each theme will have a profile attached to it:


Understanding the theme profiles

Each profile will have the following properties


This section highlights how the lead consumer in this theme skews. It can include age, gender, race, class, income, and any other statistical outliers. This section also includes a brief description of the group (such as health-oriented individuals).

Lifestyle Choices

A brief description of how the lead consumer in that theme makes lifestyle choices, including cultural movements they may participate in (such as the wellness movement).


The lead consumer’s values, desires, goals, motivations, fears, or interests, depending on which psychographics are the most salient in the group.

Purchasing Behavior

The primary trigger that underlies the group’s purchases.