What kind of questions can I ask when commissioning a custom report?

What kind of questions can I ask when commissioning a custom report?

If you have custom report credits (if you don't, please contact us to find out how you can purchase them), you can ask our PhD Concierge to conduct in-depth ethnographic analysis on a topic of your choice. The types of topics you pick can be anything from wanting to understand the future of certain trends (and what will help you drive growth), to identifying the specific ingredients and needs consumers most associate with a particular topic or trend.

Example Project Requests

Here are examples of the most types of requests we receive:

Preliminary Analysis - The Future of

Demand Refinement - Identifying the most valuable ideas for the brand/business

Translation Research - Distilling broad concepts down to focused needs/requirements

Technical Discovery

Getting Started

Before you send us a request request, we ask that you fill out this briefing form. This will give us the information we need to get going.

When sending us a research request, please indicate -

  • The topic or trend you'd like us to examine. E.g. Plant-Based Proteins.
  • The context within which you'd like us to examine this trend. E.g. Snacking.
  • The top areas of outcomes most relevant to your business. E.g. Ingredients and factors most relevant to consumers who care about plant-based proteins, such as sustainability or whole foods.