Reading an insight card

Reading an insight card


The output from a MotivAI search is presented in the form of "Insight Cards."


These cards are designed to offer you a quick yet comprehensive understanding of various themes or demand spaces that may drive consumer interest or shaping consumer perception.

Components of an insight card:

  1. Theme: Each card starts by giving you an outline or a headline that encapsulates the theme or demand space in focus.
  2. Underlying symbolism: This is the “why”: the reason the theme is important in consumers’ conversations and lives.
  3. Key insight: A succinct summary is presented to encapsulate the main point of the theme. In other words, it’s an expansion on the “what” of the theme.
  4. Aggregated consumer quote: To better narrate the story of the insight, each card includes a single quote that represents the core sentiment, derived from the aggregation of thousands of consumer quotes.

Quick exploration, not deep dives:

Insight Cards are designed for quick and easy explorations, providing a rich context for information at a glance.

However, they are not intended for in-depth analytical dives.

The goal of MotivAI is to revolutionize research and make anthropological insights readily accessible.

For more formalized projects that require deep and contextual ethnographic insights, we always recommend utilizing our client advisory team to commission custom ethnographic analysis.


To help you navigate the results of a MotivAI search, we offer analyst inquiries - one on one sessions with a PhD Cultural Expert to help interpret what the themes might mean to your business.

For more in-depth, complex questions, we recommend contacting your account manager to pursue a custom trends report.