The Interpret Button
The Interpret Button

The Interpret Button

👀 Problem

It takes time to analyze the relationship between a topic and its macroculture. Typically a user is responsible for this process, which requires turning a topic into a microculture by clicking apply, and then analyzing the resulting topic universe. This is of course time consuming, and can often be a difficult task to perform for someone that isn’t very comfortable with our technology.

For example, if we search the terms “heart health, prevention” our technology serves up the dominant contextual language map that shapes the consumer’s understanding of the topic today.


The user then identifies topics in the topic universe that might be interesting to their business. They would click on one of these topics to begin their journey of exploring various systems of meaning around heart health prevention. This involves adding the topic as a “microculture”, as seen below, and then exploring the resulting topic universe, which is now an exploration of the meaning of "healthy individuals" in the context of heart health prevention. It is an interpretive process that requires a certain level of anthropological sophistication and comfort from the user when using our technology.

💭 Solution

AI interpretation solves this problem for use-cases where quick results are needed.

Our Lux MotivBase GPT-4 integration leverages our contextual data map (in the context of a search term) to connect the dots for the user.

A user can now simply click the Interpret Button to help interpret the meaning of "lifestyle changes" in the context of heart health prevention.

The AI engine leverages our contextual language map to provide a quick contextual interpretation of the topic, potentially saving the user time and reducing the barrier to self-service.

Lux MotivBase Tip: In the macroculture topic universe, select three topics that are most relevant to your use case, then click on those three and hit the Interpret button for help. A combination of these three topics will help you shape the narrative around the meaning of the macro-search-topic.

🛫 How to most effectively utilize the Interpret function

NOTE: These steps are built for someone who is already somewhat familiar with Lux MotivBase - it does not go into the basics of how to search.
  1. Establish a search topic. Once done, click “Interpret” to get an initial but strong sense of what’s going on in this culture.
  1. Identify three topics of interest from the macro-topic-universe.
  1. Click on the first topic, Ask GPT for help. Take notes.
  1. Then turn that topic into a microculture and hit apply. Note the maturity relative to the macroculture.
  1. Rinse and repeat the steps for the remaining two topics of interest that you had previously identified.

🚀 It’s go time!