Why did the maturity decrease between two time frames?

Why did the maturity decrease between two time frames?

Not all cultures progress in a linear manner. Some cultures that exhibit ongoing volatility are susceptible to a shift in the reverse direction - i.e. over time they become even less clear to the consumer and therefore less mature.

Say you do a search and the maturity dropped when comparing the same trend between 2019 and 2020. What could that mean?

When the meanings behind a particular idea or trend change in culture, it undergoes a significant shift in terms of both the communities of people it connects to and its overall maturity.


A good way to determine if this has occurred is to compare the topic overlaps and ethnographic factors in the past to the factors today. To do so, create another workspace, click the Options button and rewind the timeline in the new workspace, then click the Compare Button.

If they've changed quite a bit (especially if the order and strength of connection have changed), then it is an indication that the trend you're looking at underwent changes in the meanings associated with it in culture. It basically found itself a new cultural home, and that has made it more immature.