What does an inquiry include?

An inquiry is a 50 minute call, during which one of our expert anthropologists will examine the results of your MotivAI search with you.

What can I expect from the call?

During the call, our analyst may ask you for more insights into the underlying business questions that motivated your search in the first place. Then, they will work with you to understand how MotivAI’s insights align with your motivation for asking the question.

This might include:

  1. Interpreting the insight cards with you
  2. Examining the zone of innovation and thinking through why certain insights may have lower or higher maturities than anticipated
  3. Examining the question’s overall maturity
  4. Suggesting alternative searches that may better align with your underlying business questions or the strengths of our AI
  5. Highlighting specific related projects and latest insights
  6. Determining if your business question requires an in-depth custom ethnographic analysis

Each inquiry call can be recorded and sent after the fact, for future reference.

We can also email you a list of alternative searches we ran during the call, or full projects we recommended.

What isn’t included with a call?

Our inquiry calls have no written component and no deliverable. If you want a written report with in-depth analysis, you need to contact your account manager for an in-depth custom ethnographic analysis.